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organic vegan crystallized ginger

vegan/organic crystallized ginger

earlier this fall we were developing some new recipes and decided we must use crystallized ginger in some of our new fall products. it became a bit of an obsession for us. we asked all the vegans we knew if they knew of a crysrallized ginger that used vegan sugar. no one did, so we made our own. it was an amazingly fun process and we were quite proud of the ginger. we included samples in all of our orders for a while. it was so well received that we decided we had to make it our latest product.

we have since worked on the original recipe a bit. it now uses organic brown rice syrup in the cooking process. this obviously makes it less sweet. it also allows the actual ginger flavor to shine through more. the brown rice syrup adds a lovely element to the flavor as well.

the product we offer here is vegan, organic, and made with love!

organic ginger, organic brown rice syrup, organic vegan sugar, sea salt.

1/4 pound for $7.00 plus postage
1/2 pound for $12.00 plus postage
1 pound for $24.00 plus postage

crystallized ginger: size
may we recommend....
a side of our rich dark chcolate frosting. frosting comes in 1 ounce containers.

frosting ingredients: organic rice and/or coconut milk, gluten-free vegan bittersweet chocolate, organic maple syrup, organic rice syrup, non-dairy chocolate liquor, organic non-dairy/unsweetened cocoa, arrowroot.

1 oz for $1.50
2 oz for $3.00
3 oz for $4.00
4 oz for $5.00

rich dark chocolate frosting: 1/8-pound containers


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