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our featured gluten-free baked goods

gluten-free brownies | grain free brownies | gluten-free macaroons | gluten-free cookies | gluten-free fruit pies

gluten-free vegan brownies
fudgy squares of chocolate heaven.

coming to you in an 8 x 6 pan. cuts 6 -9. we make a triple nut (almond/pecan/walnut) gluten-free brownie or a fudgy smooth gluten-free brownie. both are guaranteed to "make your eyes light up and tummy say howdy." [ingredients]

$23.00 (includes usps priority mail shipping)

brownie type:
gorgeous brownie


grain-free vegan brownies

super rich and super amazing, made with simple, 100% organic ingredients; these babies will blow your mind! each truffly little brownie is hand dipped in organic, vegan, fairtrade, dark chocolate.

we have two flavors; 3 nut (almond, cashew, walnut) and peanut butter. each flavor comes in two size packages. hint: the larger package is a great value! [ingredients]

an 8 piece box of one flavor is $28.00 (postage included)

a 16 piece box of one flavor is $49.00 (postage included)

brownie type:
brownie type:
gorgeous brownie


gluten-free macaroons
these little gems are so good.

a celebration of all things coconut

18.00/half dozen (includes usps priority mail shipping)

macaroon type:
gorgeous brownie


gluten-free cookies
sesame-peanut cookies: a crunchy outside, chewy within. so good!
chocolate chip cookies: simply the best chocolate chip cookie you will ever have!
chocolate chocolate chip: new product! possibly better than the original chocolate chips, a more complex flavor, with hints of cocoa and spice. for the mature cookie connoisseur...

$30.00 for 8 large cookies (includes usps priority mail shipping)

cookie type:
sesame-peanut cookies


gluten-free/vegan pies
we do a wide variety of pies in our amazing gluten-free crust. shown here is the organic blueberry vegan cheesecake
these are only available for local delivery, for pick up at lula's sweet apothecary or by special order at integral yoga natural foods.. call 212-243-2642 and ask for the deli manager.

they are available as 8" or 10" pies. please call us at 917-887-5106 or email us at gonepie@gmail.com to discuss flavors and pricing.
sesame-peanut cookies


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