Vegan Macaroons for Passover (Grainfree)

best macaroons ever!

Vegan/grain-free vanilla and cocoa spice macaroons

This item is no longer available. See you next Passover with more macaroons!!!

As a vegan, I find that as holidays come up, the best way I can relate to them is with a positive food memory. If I think too hard about the meaning and customs of many holidays, I will find myself sitting home on a lot of holidays. Passover, to me is a lovely Spring meal with a bit of ritual, a treasure hunt and MACAROONS!

So I will tuck a box of Gone Pie macaroons under my arm and head to my Seder! Or maybe I will just send a box and stay home with my cats…

About our macaroons:

We use a blend of non-grain flours, coconut products and agave in our vegan version of this Passover classic. Please be advised our bakery is not fully cleansed of grains (Chametz). The macaroons themselves, are 100% grain-free and unleavened.

Ingredients: organic coconut, organic agave nectar,organic coconut milk, organic coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca flour, organic coconut oil, grain-free vanilla or cocoa and spices, sea salt.

Your macaroon choices:

Each order is a box of 8 macaroons. Macaroons are available in vanilla or cocoa spice. Each box is $18.00. If you order two boxes to the same address, we can combine shipping and refund you $5.00 before we ship your macaroons out. Such a deal!

A peak inside the box....

8 Mixed Macaroons

Order Mixed Macaroons!

8 Vanilla Macaroons

Order Vanilla Macaroons!

8 Cocoa Spice Macaroons

Order Cocoa Spice Macaroons!

Order a box for yourself, and one for the family…. We can do the shipping for you!


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