Recipe testing – day three

Vegan glutenfree apple cake from the FoA test kitchens.

I am so late in posting after day three! I am literally done! Dustin has a few more recipes to test, but my portion is done. I slept in and took a long walk and drank a lot of tea and did a whole lot of nothing. I may even eat a proper meal today!

The hard part of this project for me was scaling down the measurements while keeping the final product true to the original recipe.  This is easy enough if you like math, which I do, but recipes need to be user friendly.  That was where the biggest challenge was for me.  It actually resulted in an entirely new recipe for a product we make all the time. Yup, the bi-product of this project is a new product for local Gone Pie people.  I will be tweaking that this weekend and offering it to stores next week.

So feast your eyes on the latest results from the test kitchen. I won’t tell you what Dustin renamed this cake, but let’s just say that if we don’t finish testing all these recipes soon, we will both need entirely new wardrobes!  Thankfully it is the weekend, as we are now banned from sending any more sweets into his partner’s office.  Our taste testers are incredulous they are eating vegan, glutenfree items and taking seconds.  And thirds.  And so on ….

Here is a closer look at a version of the cake I made when I was writing the recipe.

Apple cake fancied up with a sliced pear topping

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