Meet Neville the macaque

This is Neville.   Former Lab Research Animal 29202.

This is Neville. Former Lab Research Animal 29202.

“It’s an extraordinary rescue situation with many young primates, multiple destinations, unprecedented collaborations, and new enclosures being built and fitted quickly at four sites,” said Priscilla Feral, president of Primarily Primates. “We call it Operation Monkey Trek.”

Meet Neville the macaque.  Neville is one of 55 monkeys that had been housed in the Aniclin Preclinical Services lab owned by Azopharma until the lab went into receivership and a court ordered the monkeys released to sanctuaries.  After a life of subjugation in animal experiments, Neville and 54 other macaques will be finding sanctuary in one of four sanctuaries that are making sure these formerly abused animals will be living the best life they can.  Read more details of this triumphant story here!

As Stephen Tello, executive director at Primarily Primates said about the macaques: “These naturally tree-dwelling monkeys would normally be found in coastal forests and rainforests in Southeast Asia, feasting on fruits and seeds.  We’ll be helping these youngsters make the transition to a life and diet as similar as possible to what they’d seek in habitat.”

I have been following the progress of the young macaques on twitter, as Stephen and the crew at Primarily Primates worked to socialize these former lab animals into their new world.  Here are some of the tweets:

Operation Monkey Trek: Theo, 1 macaque was agitated 2 leave steel holding cage until Buzbee, new friend, entered + they walked out together.

Toxicology researchers learned -O- about macaques that benefits our health. Observing released monkeys’ resilience now tells more.

Several macaques who arrived yesterday at Primarily Primates sat in outside enclosure, holding each other, bewildered+wide-eyed as day unfolded.

We expected the deprivation,+ toxicology tests would enhance possibility for male Java macaques to be combative w/each other.So far, no.

It’s the end of Monday here at PPI… all 25 macaques we just rescued from a NJ lab are outside doing great… in awe and bewilderment.

We are getting ready to burn the 25 wooden lab crates they arrived in… just to remind us it’s over – and a now a new beginning for them!

Tweet Request: If you think you have a unique name for 1 of the unnamed macaques freed from research – tweet it! We’ll pick top choices!

That last tweet inspired me.  What better way to honor the life of my pal Neville!  I made up my mind that whether or not Neville was selected as a name, I needed to sponsor one of these macaques.  The work that Primarily Primates does is so important.  I am not sure why it took me so long to get off my butt and support this great sanctuary.

Hand in hand with working to oppose animal experimentation, comes the need to support the sanctuaries that house the victims of this horrifying industry.  If animals like Neville can be released from their tortured pasts, it is incumbent upon the activist community to spread the word and help these facilities receive the support they need.

Happily, Neville was selected as a name for one of the macaques. Two rescued animals share one great name. One happy family is tearfully smiling and supporting this great work.

Please visit the site for Primarily Primates and consider supporting their fine work.

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2 Responses to “Meet Neville the macaque”

  1. This story needed to be told =:D Great job!!

  2. Nabeki says:

    What a triumph! Thank you Primarily Primates for doing such wonderful work!

    Good luck Neville in your new, liberated life!!