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welcome to gone pie!

for our local friends, september will be a good month to catch gone pie popping up around town. we will be at mooshoes in manhattan on september 21st for the vegan shop up -- manhattan style, and pine box rock shop, in bushwick, brooklyn on september 13th for another epic vegan shop up, and the gluten free eatup! gang will be joining the badass brooklyn animal rescue annual block party on sept. 14th!!! watch our blog for menus and further details.

email us if you would like more info or to place an order in advance!

email us for more info

welcome to gone pie. gone pie is 100% vegan, all the time. our specialties include a wide variety of classic american treats rendered in a more healthful manner. we use whole grain flours; as well as local, organic and fairtrade ingredients whenever possible. after many years of availability in manhattan, many of our products are now available to you for home delivery.

we're quite proud of our vegan/gluten-free items. we feel our gluten-free products distinguish themselves from other products in this rapidly growing market. we try to avoid an excessive use of starches; as well as using lots of whole grains, to make a more balanced, nutritional, and tasty treat. we make our own custom flour blends, that we believe give our products a light texture. all that, and they taste really amazing too. why not check them out and see if you agree?

have you seen our monthly treat plans?
celebrate sweetness in 2014 with a treat a month subscription plan! for a limited time, we are offering a free month added on to 6 or 12 month plans!

check out our ever expanding line of labelled brownies. we are selling them right here. you can also find them at perelandra natural foods in brooklyn and lula's sweet apothecary in manhattan.

we appreciate your calls and emails. and orders!
without you there is no pie. gone or otherwise....
we are happy to be here to serve you.

for further information or to give us a piece of your mind, please call us at 914.332.1353.
or e-mail us at gonepie@gmail.com.

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